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About Us

AN Design offers a new choice in diamonds. AN Design established in the year 2015. AN Design is one of the well - known B2B companies in diamond industry. With a professional in-house team we are capable of offering a wide range of diamonds available in various colors, carat, cut and clarity. We excel in the field of diamond industry as our motto is to provide high quality diamonds with excellent customer support at most competitive price along with expert guidance and education. Our extraordinary selection of diamonds make us different and uniquely place us to achieve enormous growth.

Our approach is to provide exceptional collection of certified loose diamonds across the world. Each diamond hold its own grading report tested by their respective labs, which is the most important factor to determine the exact quality of diamond. We work closely to maintain highest standard of quality and transparency with our customers.

Loose Diamonds

Search GIA and AGS certified loose diamonds. Our Diamond Search tool allows you to filter by the 4 C's and more!